Finger Workouts

These unique piano exercises are for pianists and all who learn to play keyboards wishing to rapidly improve their piano technique. Physiotherapist-approved and carefully graded in terms of their physical requirement, these piano exercises are designed for beginners right through to the fully-fledged performing virtuoso.

An initial one-hour consultation lesson with Richard at The Piano Studio will enable him to formulate a brief 15-minute daily piano exercise routine tailored exactly to your own requirements – leaving YOU to spend more of your valuable time learning the wonderful music you really want to play – with enhanced ability and ever-increasing agility and dexterity.

Save Time – Make Progress

Together, you can devise your own Daily Practice Diary for you to chart your progress. Be patient, work within your ability, persevere and expect marked change to your piano technique within weeks. Here are the physical essentials for playing the virtuoso repertoire effortlessly!

Watch and learn

All exercises are best adapted to your own situation and individual needs. However you may enjoy watching these brief videos:

Physiotherapist’s Endorsement

“If executed correctly and regularly, these short routines can greatly relieve the physical effort of playing, while at the same time improving the strength and mobility of the arms and fingers.”

Carolyn Walford  MCSP

Review from pianist and composer

“I must commend you on your exercises they are excellent! I’ve been using them regularly and have seen a marked increase in flexibility, strength and overall facility. I have also given the Elementary ones to pupils with noticeable improvement in stretch and finger independence. It’s good to have so much technique work condensed into a short time-friendly routine. My 3rd Piano Sonata is now sounding more like I intended! Thanks!

Phil Bass, pianist and composer

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