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Internationally acclaimed Concert Pianist Richard Meyrick

At the end of 2010, with eager students requesting and awaiting lessons in Hong Kong, Australasia and the USA, Richard Meyrick decided to go global and extend his hugely successful teaching practice with ONE-ON-ONE live piano lessons via SKYPE.

Richard’s impressive client roster at The Piano Studio includes financiers, lawyers, doctors and entrepreneurs in diverse fields. For more than a decade, Richard’s students have relished the opportunity to study with an internationally acclaimed pianist at his studio in the geographical heart of the London workplace.

News has travelled widely and business people and professionals in many countries have expressed interest in Richard’s teaching and partaking of this unique respite provided from the stresses and pressures of today’s economic cauldron.

Playing a musical instrument is truly relaxing, satisfying and life-enhancing. Here is your chance to spend an hour or two each month working with a top professional totally in-tune to your personal requirements and ambitions.

NOW – for the first time – wherever you live, from Arctic to Antarctica, whether beginner or accomplished performer already playing or teaching piano professionally, concert soloist Richard Meyrick can teach YOU in the comfort, security and privacy of your own home.

What is Skype?

Skype is an amazing programme that allows users anywhere in the world to make voice and video calls between computers, completely free of charge.

What do I need?

All you need is a piano (obviously!), a computer, a broadband connection, the free Skype programme, a microphone headset, and a web camera. You will also require a Paypal, or internet banking account.

How much do lessons cost?

A lesson lasting 30 minutes is available at £70 (British Pounds). Most adult students do very well with just one lesson every three or four weeks. Some do, however, opt for more, especially when making use of Richard’s unique “Practice lessons”. Prospective students with little free time to practise on their own should email for details of this special approach, or watch the video on this page.

Here is a link to a currency convertor to help figure the cost in your area.


Need just a one-off quick-fix? Fingering? Technique? Rhythm? Then here is your opportunity to book a short consultation with Richard:

  • 10 minute online one-on-one @ £25 (British Pounds)
  • 20 minutes online one-on-one @ £40 (British Pounds)

How does it work?

Richard says:

First things first!

Click HERE to notify me of your interest in Skype lessons. When I have answered any questions you may have, I will arrange with you a free test call to make sure that everything is up and running as it should be.


Once we have agreed a mutually convenient time for an initial consultation lesson and you have made the Paypal payment £70 (British Pounds or currency equivalent), I will call you and the lesson can begin. If you elect to continue, lessons are thereafter paid for in advance in blocks of five (ie 5 x £70 = £350) and may be scheduled at whatever frequency you deem appropriate. However, lessons must be concluded within six months of the payment.


Places are limited so call Richard now!! Nothing could be more convenient . . . nothing could be more simple!!

To Pay, simply click here.

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