What The Clients Say

“I’ve been having piano lessons with Richard for around three years now, having not had lessons since leaving school in 1995. My lessons with Richard are both energising and exhausting in equal measure – an addictive mix of being totally stretched whilst at the same time enforcing switch off from the day to day work stresses! I’ve gone from someone who could make a reasonable attempt at Beethoven’s Fur Elise to someone who is now tackling Liszt’s Liebestraum. Even my Mum – now in her 70s – has started having lessons with Richard, as a beginner and is thoroughly enjoying it, even if she puts me to shame with the amount of practice she puts in!”

Amy Leonard, CEO, The Transformation Trust

“My lesson with Richard is the highlight of my month – a completely absorbing departure from the daily grind. It was exhilarating to be playing Brahms after just two lessons. I wish I had started at five, instead of 55, but I am catching up.”

Richard Hardie, Chair, UBS Limited

“I was nervous about resuming piano lessons after a 12 year hiatus, particularly as I knew from the outset that it would be impossible to commit the long hours of practice that were a feature of my childhood years. I needn’t have worried. Richard is as patient as he is good humoured and above all, a truly talented teacher. He has taught me a way of practising that is methodical and efficient, and coupled with his meticulous attention to detail, I find myself making progress. In an often busy and stressful week, his lessons are an absolute joy!”

Sara Lewis, Barrister, London

“After a 40 year break from piano lessons, I first met Richard about 5 years ago. I was greeted with a frank appraisal of my many pianistic deficiencies, and have battled since to rectify some of them. Richard has helped me enormously, for example by giving me tips on how to practise and by correcting my fingering and errors of timing, slurring and pedaling; more importantly, he has hugely extended my repertoire and increased my awareness of interpretative and stylistic issues. He has also shown me a range of professionals’ ‘tricks’ with which to try to play what seem to me impossible passages. And above all, the lessons have been fun, especially when I’ve persuaded him to play for me pieces that I’ve been struggling with.”

David Rampton, Consultant Physician, London

“After an hour’s lesson with Richard, I’m revitalized and motivated to keep practising a difficult piece and to tackle difficult tasks at work. For me, it is the perfect stress buster. I certainly can’t worry about anything. The lesson requires my full concentration. Best of all, it’s fun!”

Stacey Overholt, a Cayman Island lawyer and partner in the firm Maples and Calder

“I am constantly amazed at Richard’s patience and good humour as I stumble around the keyboard. He infuses his lessons with passion, insight and technical perfectionism, and at the same time conveys a wonderful sense of enjoyment in the music. He sets very high standards, but is also very forgiving if you don’t always reach them. His lessons and concerts are truly inspirational.”

Guy Collins, Financial TV journalist

“I have been taking lessons with Richard Meyrick since early 2009. Richard brings his vast experience as a revered and respected international concert pianist to bear in his teaching. His teaching has completely transformed my playing. I had studied piano to a fairly advanced level when I was younger, but had let things slip seriously, as my chosen career was not in music. When I started lessons with Richard I could basically hack my way through a number of pieces, but my only focus was getting the notes right (and even that was a struggle!). Richard got me thinking about the composer’s intentions, and what the pianist needs to do to convey this. He taught me how to approach technical difficulties, how to think about the larger structure of the music. In short, he has taught me how to think like a musician. I now have the confidence to approach difficult pieces, knowing that I have the tools at my disposal to learn the piece properly, to the extent where I feel confident performing them in front of an audience. Even though I have been taking lessons with Richard for a while now, I learn something new at every lesson, and I come away with even more to think about and practice.
You may have never played a musical instrument in your life before. Or like me, you may have been playing the piano for many years. In both cases, and in every situation in between, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Richard. As well as being a marvellous musician, he is a fantastic teacher. He has transformed my playing – he’ll transform yours too. ”

Tom Mann, Director – Baring Asset Management

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