What The Media Says

Anjana Ahuja, The Times

“It takes only one lesson to appreciate why Richard is in demand. He has encouraged me to hit the keys with gusto instead of embarrassment… I began to understand the lure of it all… the sheer joy of getting the notes right and hearing music of your own making. No wonder the City folk, from absolute beginners to those whose efforts would not sound out of place in a concert hall, flock to this musical haven… Just two lessons and his effusive encouragement have changed my life.”

Classic FM Magazine

“Concert pianist Richard Meyrick believes piano-playing offers stress relieving benefits. He is convinced he can improve the futures of wound-up City executives by teaching them how to play a Christmas carol faster than they can say ‘Top C’. Concerned souls can purchase lessons at The Piano Studio to pass on as gifts.”

Director Magazine

“City executives are discovering a more immediate use for it (music) – to beat stress. More specifically, they are flocking in their lunch-hours to internationally renowned concert pianist Richard Meyrick, who is relieving the burden of their high-pressure jobs by teaching them the piano”

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