What The Schools Say

‘This was absolutely my highlight of being in lockdown. We were really sad that we were unable to take part in the first workshop that we had organized due to Covid-19 risks. It was fantastic to be able to find a way to participate in the masterclass remotely. The students gained so much from it (they were buzzing when I made a follow-up phone call) and there was so much wisdom and skill squeezed into the masterclass. Richard made them feel at ease and got the best out of all of our pianists. Thank you so much.’

Mrs Amanda Mullinger, Teacher in charge of Music, The King’s School, Ottery St Mary, July 2020

‘Well done for finding a solution to the “Covid problem” in terms of delivering this masterclass to young people at a time when many of them are feeling isolated and missing contact with others. Once again thank you for  an excellent, very useful and engaging masterclass. The students enjoyed the experience and have taken away great advice and tips to help them develop as pianists and musicians.’

Victoria Flory, piano teacher at Thomas Adams School, Wem, Shropshire, July 2020

It was an honor and a privilege to have Richard Meyrick perform for us and provide valuable feedback for our students here at Selby High. Richard strikes an unprecedented balance between being an inspirational performer and a motivational teacher. Thank you again for this opportunity, I look forward to working with Richard on future projects.’  

Heath Lanzillotti, Curriculum Area Leader for Music, Selby High School, July 2020

‘This was a wonderful opportunity for our students, many of whom are unable to fund 1:1 piano lessons and have never seen a piano recital. They found the online concept really inspirational and it’s lovely to see them buzzing with enthusiasm the next day. Thank you very much!’

Mrs Joanne Hewitt Jackson, Head of Music,Trinity Catholic School, Leamington Spa, October 2020

“WOW! What a marvelous day we had with Richard. The afternoon workshop had 7 participants, with an audience of around 250, and Richard had no difficulty sustaining their interest. The players acquitted themselves well, and all received useful tips from Richard. It was great to see the various ways he engaged with the audience members, and made them feel very much part of the event. Then we had the concert! ‘Superb’ ‘Breathtaking’ – just 2 of the positive comments heard at the end of the evening.  We had a good audience (including a good representation of children, both participants and non-participants), who were immediately captivated by the quality of Richard’s music-making. So many people were overwhelmed by every aspect of the evening – the small cost, the quality of performance – and the astonishing generosity of the sponsors. It goes without saying that should a similar venture be offered in the future, we would be very keen to be part of it.”

Jim Letham, Head of Music, Springwell Community College, Chesterfield, Derbyshire

“. . . it was an unforgettable experience. The hall was full of students from our own and several from other secondary schools in Derbyshire. Nine of these students performed and the master class was completely absorbing. Even the few primary school children who attended were enraptured and the music teachers also learnt a great deal. Mr Meyrick was personable and skilful in how he interacted with all involved. The evening recital was superb if not a little surreal to see a performer of Richard Meyrick’s calibre in our school hall playing our “slightly rickety” grand piano. The audience knew that this was an extraordinary event . . .”

Debbie Rayner, Head of Music, St Martins Comprehensive, Caerphilly

“As a school we felt that the whole ethos of the project was to reach out to all the pupils, not just the specially selected few, therefore the School Hall was packed full of pupils from a wide mix of ability and ages from the high achievers to special needs pupils. Richard, a true showman in every way, entertained the pupils with supreme ease, but also showed sensitivity for those performers who were very nervous. All the performers felt the criticism was constructive and have talked of nothing else since the event. The evening’s performance was thrilling . . .”

Jane Sheppard, Head of Music, The Boswells SchoolSpringfieldEssex 

“The workshop was truly inspirational with lots of humour interspersed with the more serious aspects of rehearsal/practice techniques. Over 200 students took part in the workshop, five of them working directly with Richard. Many of them returned for the evening recital and were stunned by his amazing performance.”

S Clemson, Head of Music, Carnoustie High SchoolScotland 

“We had a terrific day yesterday … all the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and many returned in the evening. The only ‘loser’ was the piano. 60 years old, it woke up yesterday morning expecting its normal diet of ‘chopsticks’etc. Then this man came up from England and started to ‘beat it up’… I explained to our pupils that Richard had used a special spell to ‘remove all the wrong notes from it’ before he started!! I cannot thank Man Group plc enough for providing this unique opportunity, and I cannot thank Richard enough for his wonderful masterclass and his magnificent piano playing.”

Bill Joss, Head of Music

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