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Richard Meyrick’s website testifies to his passion as leading piano teacher in London and as an internationally acclaimed virtuoso pianist giving more than 80 concerts each year. From London to Sydney, Siberia to San Francisco, his “thrilling technical wizardry” and “deeply moving sensitivity” frequently bring audiences to their feet in rapturous adulation.

His piano lessons in London are conducted at The Piano Studio in Portman Square, London where, with the help of a magnificent Blüthner grand piano, he brings new opportunity to busy professionals from all walks of commercial life, to both create and increase their enjoyment of music. With piano tuition structured to suit personal ambition and ability, West End and City people are joined by others who travel hundreds of miles to learn to play the piano under such inspired tutelage.

Recently available, Richard Meyrick’s ONE-ON-ONE Online Piano Lessons via SKYPE with the its UNIQUE Short-Appointment CLINIC. With eager students requesting and awaiting lessons in Hong Kong, Australasia and the USA, Richard Meyrick now teaches globally thanks to incredible advances in computer technology. NOW – for the first time – wherever you live, from Arctic to Antarctica, whether beginner or accomplished performer already playing or teaching piano professionally, concert soloist Richard Meyrick can teach YOU in the comfort, security and privacy of your own home. Hear Richard speak on this exciting extension to his work. UNIQUELY, Students requiring just a little help and advice can book very short consultations to resolve niggling problems with fingering, rhythm and technique.

Richard’s “15-Minute Pioneer Finger Workouts” is his short-cut to obtaining a brilliant piano technique. These time-saving piano exercises are of utmost benefit to everyone learning the piano (including those who learn to play keyboards), whether it be piano for beginner, intermediate or virtuoso. Visit The Piano Studio for a one-to-one consultation with Richard on how to rapidly improve your piano technique.

An exciting new Pianoman project for schools began in April 2009. During the first pianoMan programme 2005-2008, Richard visited 191 schools throughout Britain, many in less affluent areas, to give masterclasses for the pupils and an evening public recital. pianoMan was sponsored by Man Group plc during the first phase. From 2011, the new sponsors, Mr & Mrs Harvey McGrath, have extended the scope of the scheme to include scholarship awards for talented state school pianists granting free all-expenses paid lessons with Richard in London and regular places on residential courses held during school holidays.

Richard’s CD recordings and two DVDs on how to play the piano were distributed to the schools as pianoMan gifts. At this point, numerous youngsters, many from poorer backgrounds and deprived areas of the UK, have gone on to the major conservatoires and Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Richard and his students have featured in an article in the Financial Times magazine ‘How to spend it.’ They discuss the benefits of learning to play the piano to counter stress and strain from busy office life.

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