“In 2012 I decided to start playing more seriously after a long break from any piano lessons and contacted Richard to help. Through Richard’s holistic approach I have improved my technical ability, understanding of the music and feel comfortable performing to audiences – something that was a real struggle when I started lessons. Richard has a clear talent for identifying ‘light bulb’ pointers to quickly transform playing, such as how to make the music sing or difficult passages easier to learn.

I have a busy professional and family life so Richard suggests approaches to learning that accelerate my progress such that I have long surpassed my original expectations and have continued lessons. I have switched to online lessons (due to COVID-19) and have been able to make the same progress as before, receiving clear feedback and listening to Richard demonstrate the various teaching points with the added benefit of no travel and playing a piano I’m very familiar with.”

Chris Rolison, Senior IT Manager, LME

“I have been having lessons with Richard for a number of years and was sceptical about switching to online lessons as a self-confessed technophobe. However, I have found the lessons work well and are just as constructive as the in-person lessons although I personally miss human contact! If you are time poor, online lessons are a good way to go as they can be done from your own home with just a computer and Skype app – no travelling required. Richard just needs to know which pieces you are working on in advance of the lesson so he is prepared to take you through your chosen repertoire.

Richard will make you into a better pianist no matter what standard you are at. I think he is particularly unique and gifted in dealing with advanced adult pupils and expanding their repertoire, knowledge and musicality.”

Bernadette Cunningham, Director, Property Development Company, London

“I started taking lessons with Richard around 2003 after close to 20 years of having not played piano. It was rewarding and exciting to get back into music. My lessons in London were always a highlight for me and a great change of pace from the office.

When I moved to Hong Kong in 2009, I thought I’d left my piano days behind. I couldn’t find a teacher with the right fit. Fortunately for me another pupil of Richard’s had also relocated abroad and suggested he give lessons by Skype. I started virtual lessons as soon as he offered them and have never looked back! No travel time to the lessons is particularly handy when I’m busy. And…while I thought at first maybe I could hide my mistakes online…no such luck. But, praise, encouragement (and a push when you need it) work just the same over the computer!”
Stacey Overholt, Hong Kong, a Cayman Island lawyer and partner in the the firm Maples and Calder

“I am an adult learner and started playing piano with Richard over 12 years ago. Under Richard’s tuition and guidance I have developed my technique and musicality beyond what I thought was possible. My repertoire is steadily growing and Richard encourages me to play pieces from the baroque through to the romantics with some jazz for good measure. Richard is patient, encouraging and brings a performer’s experience to his teaching.

When I left London for Sydney (I now live in Singapore) I was determined to continue with Richard and for several years I have taken lessons online. I can honestly say we haven’t missed a beat and even managed a face-to-face in London last year. Lessons are easy! Skype or Zoom you choose. Lesson times are convenient and flexible. Communication online is easy and it is a simple matter to adjust the camera to see what the other is doing on the keyboard. Richard is an experienced performer and teacher so it really is a fabulous 30 minutes of first-class teaching and learning. No matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced pianist I absolutely recommend Richard and online lessons. You won’t regret it.”
Julia Plowman, Singapore

“I’m an adult player and have been playing for over 10 years and have had several teachers in that time. I have known Richard for six of those years, and can honestly say that he is by far the best tutor I’ve had. I learnt more in six months with Richard than I did in two years with someone else. He was very quickly able to pinpoint fundamental errors with my playing I was making and help rectify them. Feedback is constructive and insightful. He pushed me for more difficult repertoire but not too much. I now think and play more ‘musically’ rather than playing robotically. Of course it is down to the student to put in the hard practice, however Richard was able to get the best out of me with the relatively short amount of actual tutoring time we had together. I can honestly say that I am a significantly better musician since having started lessons with him. Highly recommended and worth every penny.”
Luca Giorgetti, Head of Compliance, InterestMe, London.

“Since starting up piano lessons again with Richard my piano playing has been taken to a much higher level where I am undertaking and enjoying playing repertoire I always dreamed of – Chopin nocturnes and etudes, Bach toccatas amongst others. Richard is an intuitive teacher who can drive you to reach your full potential whilst remaining kind and supportive. His advice and help throughout the past few years of my lessons with him has helped my children as well in their learning to play as I’m able to pass on some of the technical and practice tips I have learned from Richard. My teenage daughter is now a student at Junior Guildhall and was greatly encouraged by playing to and having advice from Richard.

Recently my lessons have continued online due to Covid, I look forward to them with the same enthusiasm and have been surprised at how much ground we have covered. I’d really recommend lessons with Richard- he is great at helping you work through and adapt for any limitations – in my case, very small hands!- and at empowering you to continue to improve your own playing.”
Victoria Baillie, Pilates teacher (Boutique Pilates, London)

“Our son, Owen, has been having lessons with Richard for 3 years. In that short time he has helped him to develop from a competent player into a far more insightful and mature one. Richard constantly encourages and challenges Owen to notice the detail in his playing and dig deeper to express his musical ideas. He always teaches with enthusiasm ,energy, encouragement and an expectation of greater things!

During the last 6 months Owen has successfully continued his lessons online. They have continued to be engaging and detailed. We would not hesitate to recommend Richard as a teacher.”
Caroline and Stephen Lee, Bishop’s Stortford

“Our daughter Bethany has been receiving scholarship lessons online with Richard for several months now. At first we were not sure how this would work, and have been very pleasantly surprised at how well the lessons have been delivered to the extent that Bethany can find no discernable difference in terms of what she gains from each lesson.

We are aware that Richard has a lot of experience teaching students in this way and it certainly comes across as his observation and attention to every detail is comparable to lessons conducted in his London studio. Indeed, Bethany has quickly discovered that, as before, nothing escape’s Richard’s attention and Bethany is required, still, to pay maximum attention to details of fingering, phrasing, dynamics – nothing is lost!

Her playing has continued to improve hugely and Richard has been able to vary Bethany’s approach, tackling challenging aspects of her playing just as he did when she was sat beside him at a piano.”
Tim and Monica Lawes, Harwich Essex

“Our daughter has been studying piano with Richard Meyrick for over 3 years. During this period her repertoire, musicality and confidence have significantly grown. In addition to learning strong technique, Richard has enabled her to gain a deeper understanding of music and gives practical advice on how to approach and master performances. The transition from in-person to remote learning has been successful and the online lesson format has proved to be very effective. Richard is an exceptional teacher whose tuition has enabled our daughter to achieve a level of musical competence that has exceeded both her and our expectations, and dramatically widened the opportunities available for her future.”
David and Pippa Ruddock, Parents, Haywards Heath

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